Monday, May 4, 2009

Today on Twitter someone posted this link about 31 ways to find inspiration for your writing. Normally I don't click on too many of the links people tweet but this is a topic which interests me.

There are many great ideas to help writers find topics to write about. I've always had a secret passion for writing. (Although the only thing I write are mainly emails). For many years now I have hoped to try and work on my skills and actually write something interesting. I tend to have a horrible case of writer's block. I see a blank piece of paper and no ideas come to me.

Lately I have been journal writing. I used to write in a journal as a teenager about all the important things that were happening in my life back then; my latest crush, which outfit to wear, who was being the b-word, etc.. Looking back at those journals it's amazing how simple life was.

Journal writing now is about my adult life and troubles. Although I've taken some advice and started writing about my goals, dreams, etc. This came on as a suggestion from someone. I have to admit that even though I've only been doing it a few days now it seems to really help me. Of course it doesn't make my problems go away but it helps me empty my head (and heart) and gives me some inner piece.

I'm going to try some of these ideas from the link I posted above and see what comes of it. Would love to hear if anyone else has success by trying any one of the 31 inspiring ideas.


Monday, April 27, 2009

When I was an active seller on etsy, advertising on twitter was a "new" way to get your shop's name out there. Since I've stopped selling on etsy I haven't really had been on twitter.

Lately it seems that everyone is on twitter. I suppose twitter can be fun but I have yet to really get my groove going on this social networking site. Basically twitter is where you have 140 characters to say things. Since a lot of people on my twitter are from etsy I see SOOO many posts advertising shops. Some days I welcome seeing these other days it can get a tad overwhelming. It's been fun to see the "stars" on twitter now. I'll follow some. (but i certainly don't expect them to follow little ole boring me)

There are some stars, like Ashton Kutcher, who just was all over the media trying to get a million twitter followers. (I believe he did), but at this point why do you want a million followers? Is it just a fun thing to have? Who knows maybe if I ever got to that number I'd answer my own question.

What do you use twitter for? Do you like it? Is there a real purpose for it?

Oh and just in case here's my twitter link. I love followers and I am trying to keep up in twitterland. Would be nice to talk to people rather than feel like all I'm doing is posting to myself.

Shipping Issues

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So it's my youngest daughter's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. (Yes my baby is growing up and turning 6!). She is completely hooked on Wall-E. She decided that is what her birthday party theme will be. Of course being that the Wall-E fanfare is now over there are no stores that carry Wall-E themed party supplies. So what's one to do? Hit the internet!

So I ordered my merchandise, paid and thought I was good to go. NOPE! Apparently they have these insane ship to policies! They refused to send to my work because of the type of business I work for. (OH yes I am seriously going to be taking a $30 order and shipping paper plates, cups,favor bags, and stickers overseas and re-sell them for this HUGE profit) Then they refuse to ship to another address. I am now hitting my boiling point with this company, so much so that I canceled the order and basically told them their company sucks.

Back to the internet I go. Found 2 other companies that have no insane shipping policies and order from them. The order cost me $9 additional but you know what I don't have to deal with such stupid terms.

In all my years of ordering product online I've never dealt with such a difficult company. Wonder if they'd post my review of their company on their customer testimonials????
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